About Me

Mommy, wife, zookeeper, photographer. I’ve been lucky enough to wear all these hats in my life.  I am Mommy to two beautiful and strong-willed daughters, and wife to a wonderful and supportive husband. Prior to the birth of our youngest daughter, I enjoyed the dream job of a full-time zookeeper in Tampa, FL, taking care of orangutans, tigers, and a variety of other endangered species.

Life has a funny way of surprising us with its twists and turns, though, and ours lead us to return to our home state of Indiana and the loving arms (and willing and eager babysitters) of our extended families. I am now so thankful to be enjoying my new dream job of capturing special memories and milestones for wonderful families with my camera and creative eye. My belief is that every family should have access to quality, affordable photography sessions as they travel through life, and that those sessions should be stress-free and FUN! I’d love to have the honor of hanging out with your family and capturing your personalities and this season in your lives with some beautiful portraits to hang on your wall while we’re at it. You may even learn some funny (and accurate) animal sounds as I coax laughs out of the kids!



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