Theo and Co.

I met my husband in college. Near the end of college, in fact. So I’ve only ever known his adult version. One of the most interesting parts of moving back to Indiana, and more specifically, back to his hometown, has been getting glimpses into his past life via old classmates that we run into, or who contact me for photography because they recognize my last name. Brockley is pretty distinctive. 😉 Emily is one of those old classmates, and I am so glad she reached out for family pictures when she was pregnant with little Theo. I could tell we would vibe well just from our initial messages to each other, and after meeting her, Jason, and adorable Jonas, I knew I was right. They are one of the most laidback, fun-loving, and supportive families I’ve ever met. Ever since Theo made his arrival six months ago, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Emily’s mom during our sessions, too, and this time a couple other important matriarchal members of the family joined us. The love and happiness they all exude, combined with perfect sunlight streaming through the just-budding trees, resulted in one of my favorite sessions to date.
You know I love a good black and white every once in awhile, and there’s just something so beautiful about how it compliments this lovely GREAT-grandma and her great-grandbabies.
I really just could not get over the beauty of the light near the end of our session.
And finally, the man of the hour. This was, technically, Theo’s six month session, after all. 😉

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