Welcome, Prince Lukas!

What’s better than getting to hang out for the morning with one of my favorite families? Getting to do it under the guise of “work” by taking adorable photos of their new addition, Lukas. Not only is baby Lukas ridiculously handsome and the brother of two ridiculously cute sisters to boot, but he’s also a rainbow baby, which is a subject near and dear to my heart. Make sure if you are hiring me to take photos of your rainbow baby (even if they’re not a newborn!) to let me know, so we can incorporate that into your session! I had a great time getting creative with the rainbow theme with the help of Lukas’s mama, Cyn.
Another fun theme in this session was two princess sisters welcoming their prince of a baby brother. Plus it’s always a fun idea to jump on the bed during your session.
Have I mentioned my obsession with baby and kid feet?
This little man is a much-loved and long-awaited completion for this sweet family.
We almost forgot to grab this shot that is a throwback to photos of Lukas’s big sisters from their own newborn shoots, and I’m so glad we remembered it at the last minute. It is definitely one of my favorite photos from the session!

1 thought on “Welcome, Prince Lukas!

  1. I teared up reading this! Heather you are such a great friend and amazing at your profession! Thank you for always capturing such sweet moments that we will charish for a lifetime!


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