Happy Birthday, Landon!

It’s better to accidentally show up an hour early to an appointment than an hour late, right? That’s what I keep telling myself, since thanks to a phone that lost its mind I unwittingly arrived a full hour earlier than planned to Landon’s house to capture his one year pictures, catching his parents by surprise. Oops! I’ve since replaced my phone, and of course apologized profusely to his parents, who were super cool about it. I hope the absolutely adorable photos we ended up with in the end made up for the craziness! Despite having his nap cut short thanks to his crazy photographer, this little man was a rock star for his session. And can you even handle those shoes? I can’t.
If I could just set up a permanent studio in his parents’ master bedroom, I think my life would be complete. The light was to die for, and check out that cradle. It’s a family heirloom!
After capturing Landon in his dapper little birthday outfit, we moved on to the main event: CAKE!
If you hire me to take photos of your child eating birthday cake in your home, you may as well just accept that I’m also going to suggest (read:beg) that we then put him/her in the kitchen sink for a bubble bath. Because cuteness.
Happy birthday, Landon! Thanks for letting me be part of this special milestone!

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