Ben is One!

This handsome guy’s mom and I go back about 14 years, to our globe-trotting college days when we studied abroad together Down Under! While our Aussie adventures could fill a blog or two themselves, let’s just say what happens in Australia (and Fiji, with no luggage!) stays in Australia. 😉 We’ve both experienced a lot since then, and somehow both ended up right back where we started, in good old Indiana. I was so excited when I found out that Sarah and Joel were expecting baby Ben, and even more excited when they asked me to document all his first year milestones. Now he’s one, and we all know what that means……smash cake!

If you know anything about this family, you know that no photo shoot in their home is complete without at least one feline cameo, too.

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Before diving into the cake, we also made sure to capture some fun family photos to document this fun age and important milestone. Ben sure is loved by mom, dad, and big brother, Henry!

What better way to get cleaned up after birthday cake than a bath in the kitchen sink?

Blog Photos (12 of 12)

Happy birthday, Ben!

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